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Assembly Projects

Online shopping has become so popular now that going into a store seems almost foreign to many of us. Personally, I like the touch/feel and smell when I go shopping. In this, I feel quite alone as I have learned that many of my acquaintances have decided that going out shopping and selecting items just … Read more



With a global pandemic affecting the world, there have been many changes to the way we live our daily lives. We can now get anything we want by signing into our computers. I wonder will things ever go back to normal. I have been asking myself this for the last year, and even with all … Read more

Your First Home Together

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It is said that preparing for an upcoming marriage and move are the two most stressful times in your life. Whoever said this, is right!  Whether you are already living together or you’re waiting until after your marriage, there is a natural excitement about purchasing your first home together as a couple.  So, what can … Read more

Planning for a Renovation

planning for renovation

Home remodelling projects such as updating your basement, bathroom, back yard, kitchen or even the whole house may require you to relocate the items and store them in a safe place. You cannot leave everything unsecured while your house is under renovation. The need to find a safe storage space is seen as an important … Read more

How to choose the right Furniture Mover in Toronto?

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Moving is deemed as one of the most stressful events and it can become overwhelming. This is why it’s important to hire a trusted and recognized moving company to assist you in a stress-free move. Since there are so many movers in Toronto, it can be very time-consuming to find a mover. Here are some … Read more

The Advantages & Disadvantages of Flat Pack Furniture

Couple With Pregnant Wife Assembling Cot In Nursery

You might be surprised to learn that flat pack furniture has numerous advantages over traditional, solid-piece furniture. Before we get into the advantages and disadvantages, let’s do a quick review of flat pack furniture. What Types of Furniture Are Flat Pack Furniture? Any type of “ready-to-assemble” furniture piece is considered flat pack furniture. They are commonly … Read more

Why is Flatpack Furniture So Hard to Assemble?

Why Is Flatpack Furniture So Hard to Assemble e

Everyone has dealt with the frustrations that go along with putting flatpack furniture together at some point. From dressers to bookshelves, the assembly process can quickly become more complicated than what you were prepared for. One reason has to do with the instructions that came with the flatpack furniture. They can be hard to read, … Read more

The Top 8 Frequently Asked Questions About Our Furniture Assembly Services

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When you think about hiring a professional furniture assembler to put together your furniture, it is not uncommon to have tons of questions. From finding out what types of furniture assembly services are available to what types of furniture can be assembled, we want to share with you some of our top frequently asked questions and their answers. Question … Read more

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