Why is Flatpack Furniture So Hard to Assemble?

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Why is Flatpack Furniture So Hard to Assemble?

Everyone has dealt with the frustrations that go along with putting flatpack furniture together at some point. From dressers to bookshelves, the assembly process can quickly become more complicated than what you were prepared for.

One reason has to do with the instructions that came with the flatpack furniture. They can be hard to read, confusing about what goes where, and not be specific enough about what hardware to use or what size screw to use.

In some cases, you try to make the most of it, only to have a pile of hardware left over leaving you wondering if you missed a step. Then you go back over the instructions, realize you made a mistake, and now must take the furniture apart to install the hardware you missed.

After taking much longer than what the instructions said, you end up with a finished piece of furniture that looks nothing like it did on the box or in the showroom. These problems become even more difficult when dealing with instructions that have no words, just pictures.

As a result, professional furniture assemblers have quickly become a popular solution for many people who don’t have the patience, time, or skills to assemble flatpack furniture.

Why is flatpack furniture so hard to assemble in the first place? Well, it starts with the concept of DIY which is popular for a wide range of projects including DIY furniture solutions. Most people have a higher sense of ownership when they had some part in assembling the finished product themselves.

When things go great, it also instills a stronger connection between the furniture brand and consumers. As such, this DIY concept has resulted in a wide range of flatpack furniture on the market today.

Another reason for the surge in flatpack furniture has to do with costs. It is cheaper, money-wise, for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to produce, ship, and sell flatpack furniture. For customers, flatpack furniture tends to cost less than preassembled furniture.

You can find high-quality flatpack furniture as well that looks just a beautiful and elegant as some of the higher-end solid wood furniture pieces on the market today.

While these things are great, when it comes to putting the furniture together, the DIY approach can be daunting for a lot of people. Flatpack furniture can come in a single box or multiple boxes. You have to carefully unpack each box and lay out each piece of hardware.

Then, you must use the instructions to verify you received all the necessary hardware to assemble the furniture.  With so many pieces, parts, and components, it is easy to see why people get so overwhelmed.

This is why the services of professional furniture assemblers are very beneficial. Whether you decided to wait and get help or have unpacked the boxes or got stuck in the assembly processes, professional furniture assemblers have the skills to pick up where you left off.

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