8 Tips for a Successful Moving Day When Moving During the COVID-19 Crisis

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8 Tips for a Successful Moving Day When Moving During the COVID-19 Crisis

Your moving day is almost here, and you are anxious about COVID-19 and at the same time, excited to be moving into a new home. If you have followed all safety precautions while preparing and planning your move, you are well on your way to have a successful moving day.

One the day of the move, you still want to follow the recommended safety precautions to keep yourself and your family safe by using these great tips:

Tip #1: Wear a facemask at all times once your professional movers arrive.

You and everyone in your home should put on a dual-layered facemask and leave it on the entire time the movers are loading your belongings onto the moving truck. Your professional movers will also be wearing facemasks the entire time.

Tip #2: Provide access to hand sanitize and hand washing.

Make sure to leave out plenty of hand sanitizer, hand soap, and paper towels so that you and your movers can wash you hands frequently. Ideally, it is a good idea to sanitize or wash hands every half hour to hour.

Tip #3: Practice safe social distancing when possible.

Depending on the size of your home, attempt to maintain at least 2 meters between you and your movers. Since this can be difficult, this is why we strongly recommend and urge you to wear a facemask.

Tip #4: Have bottled water or disposable cups available.

Wearing facemasks while lifting, carrying, and loading and unloading a moving truck can be difficult, especially on hot summer days. You and your movers need to stay hydrated. Make sure you can help keep everyone cool and hydrated.

Tip #5: Keep pets secure in pet cages or another secure location in the home.

Managing pets and maintaining social distancing can be an issue as they will want to check out the new people that have come to visit. While our movers love pets, we also want to make sure they do not get in the way, or worse, run out the door.

Tip #6: Have a “rest area” for your movers to take a break.

Your garage, patio, or backyard are all great “rest area” locations where you movers can socially distance from each other if they need to take off their facemasks and get some fresh air.

Tip #7: Plan on the move taking a little longer than before.

With the new safety guidelines in place, moving will take a little longer to complete than before COVID-19. Your move will still be completed as promised so you will be able to get situated in your new home the same day when moving locally.

Tip #8: Notify your movers if you or a family member is sick.

If you or a family member get sick within 14 days of your scheduled move date, including the day of your move, notify your mover immediately. Your move may need to be postponed if you or your family member tests positive for COVID-19.

By using these moving tips on moving day, your move will be a success! To request a free moving quote in Toronto and the GTA for local or long-distance moves, please feel free to contact Sueland Moving & Storage at (416) 747-9889 today!

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