Moving During COVID-19? Use These Top 5 Safe Moving Tips

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Moving During COVID-19? Use These Top 5 Safe Moving Tips

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting and changing our daily routines. From getting groceries to preparing for a move, we have to take steps to protect ourselves and each other. If you are planning an upcoming move, you will want to get ready for your moving date as safely as possible.

As you plan and get ready for the move, our Toronto moving company offers the following safe moving tips:


Tip #1: Request a Virtual Moving Quote

Thanks to Facetime, Skype, and other video conferencing apps, it is possible to obtain a virtual moving quote without having an estimator visit your home. Talk to your estimator about what information they require to prepare an accurate quote.

Before your scheduled virtual meeting time, make sure your tablet, laptop, or smartphone is fully charged. You will also want a decent Wi-Fi signal during the meeting to avoid reconnecting issues.

Go through the house and open all blinds and turn on all the lights in every room in the home. Open up all cabinets, drawers, and closets that have items you will be moving. Don’t forget to include the garage or basement if you have items in these areas you will also be moving. Make sure you have a tape measure handy in case your estimator needs you to measure something.


Tip #2: Disinfect and Clean Before Your Moving Day

Take the time to go through and do a deep cleaning to disinfect and clean all areas of the home where your movers will be accessing. Don’t forget to clean door handles, doorknobs, electronics, light switches, and so on.


Tip #3: Verify What Precautions Your Movers Are Taking

Find out what precautions the moving company had put into place. Review these ahead of time to ensure you can comply with the requirements. For instance, movers may want you to stay 2 meters (6 feet) apart after letting them into the home, while they pack the moving truck.


Tip #4: Greet Your Movers from a Safe Distance

On moving day, when your movers arrive, greet them from a safe distance, and then move away to allow entry into the home. Shaking hands is not possible right now, so a smile will be appropriate. We also recommend wearing a facemask after greeting the movers for added prevention.


Tip #5: Clean and Disinfect Your New Home in Advanced

You will want to clean and disinfect your new home before moving day. If this isn’t possible, an alternative is to go clean and disinfect the home while your movers are loading the moving truck. For long distance moves, work with your realtor to find a cleaning company to clean and disinfect the home.

By using these tips, you can move safely during COVID-19 and do your part to help keep your family and your movers safer.

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