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Assembly Projects

Online shopping has become so popular now that going into a store seems almost foreign to many of us. Personally, I like the touch/feel and smell when I go shopping. In this, I feel quite alone as I have learned that many of my acquaintances have decided that going out shopping and selecting items just takes away too much of their time. It’s okay, we all have to respect each other and how we go about our day-to-day lives and choosing our items.

Shopping for furniture online is a great new phenomenon. Now you can go online, pick out size, color, and style with a couple of filters and be presented with thousands of pieces. This can be overwhelming but you can truly buy almost anything you want, and even place it in your living space virtually to see how it looks. Now that is amazing. As a consumer, we get presented with everything the world has to offer.

So I have finally decided that I’m going to go this route and found the perfect living room/ dining room decor. I’m adding cabinets that will house the extras and it’s going to look great. I’m so excited. Except for 5 days later, I get 16 boxes on my doorstep. I can lift 13 of them but the other 3 are a challenge. Hopefully, my neighbor is home. Now I have a bunch of boxes in my living room, and doorway and can’t reach the kitchen without stepping on my new table that’s lying on the floor – maybe I should have bought these at the store?

I am not the DIY kinda person however, I can read instructions, but I’m so overwhelmed, and I just want to throw that leg across the room. I’ll do it tomorrow with a fresh outlook. Tomorrow comes and again I’m looking at these boxes – I don’t want to do this anymore – I need HELP…

Where do I get help? Who can help me?

Oh I know, Sueland Moving & Storage Inc. with their Assembly division. I have read some reviews and I know they do this and their reviews have been great. So I called them up and set up an appointment. They came out the next day – set up all my pieces, helped me get some old pieces out to the garbage, took all the empty boxes, and made sure everything worked perfectly.

The best part – the price – the price was right – I didn’t feel gouged by the guys that came. They worked continually and barely stopped until everything was done.

Don’t be overwhelmed any longer. Call Sueland Moving, Assembly and Storage. You won’t be disappointed and start enjoying that new furniture immediately.

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