Happy New Year 2022

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Happy New Year 2022

 I am filled with excitement waiting for the new year to roll in. It’s a time to reflect on our lives, feel thankful for our blessings, and set up goals for the next year. I have long given up the idea that I can make a number of changes and not set myself up for failure. For this reason, I find creating a goal that is simple is best. Personally, I have found that I have more control over my home and that’s where I start. It can be as simple as making sure that I put that laundry away after folding it. I am so tired of looking at folded laundry baskets, sitting in everyone’s room. It’s a win-win. For the bigger challenges, life may take you in a new direction. Maybe – Relocation and that is where we come in….

Is this the year that you decide, time to move to another location? The kids are grown, and who needs to spend an extra 4 hours a week cleaning spaces no longer used. A growing family could include anything from a new baby to having mom and dad move in to help with your family and being able to make sure that your parents are also being looked after. Whatever your life looks like, moving is such an exciting time in your life. It’s almost as exciting as welcoming in a new year. There are new neighborhoods to explore, friends to meet, and of course finding that balance between work/home. Happy home life creates a feeling of well-being that spills into the other parts of our life.

If this is an idea that you’ve been mulling over, maybe this will be the year you decide to act on it. There is much work ahead if this is the case. May we suggest, create a plan. Letting the whole family have input will help ease the sadness that may creep into your thoughts of leaving the familiar. Pointing out all the positives of this change will create buy-in from the rest of the family. Investigate the areas you’re most interested in. Do they have facilities close by that will grow with your family? Once the family has agreed – there is nothing you can’t do.

First, find a real estate agent. They are the most knowledgeable in all thing’s real estate. They have access to listings, legalities, and all you need to know about selling a home. A real estate agent can also suggest 3rd party vendors, such as stagers, (if they don’t offer the service themselves), lawyers, and movers. A seamless move takes a host of professionals and working together to give you the best experience.

At Sueland Moving we explore new ideas on how to give our customers the best move experience. Our services start from the moment you click on the get a quote button located on our website www.suelandmoving.com or by calling us at 416-738-7947/416-747-9889. We will set up a free, no-obligation walkthrough of your current home, followed by a custom quote within 2 business days, pack, assemble/disassemble, unpack, move and we’ll even set up a cleaning service at either end of your move.

Sueland Moving & Storage Inc. is a small family-owned business providing moving and assembly services in the GTA. Please support small businesses and may you have a “Happy and Prosperous New Year”

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