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What kind of mover are you?

That is a loaded question, but let’s be honest -making a decision about how you’re going to handle your next move is dependent upon what type of a mover you are.

There are 3 categories in my humble opinion.

The Organized Mover – Everything is part of a list, the essentials, and products needed for packing are purchased beforehand and time and effort is spent on preparing your items meticulously. There are areas in the home that might have excess, but for the most part, it is a simple process of going in, packing up, and getting out.

The semi-organized mover: This mover is somewhat organized, but so busy that while they are able to keep items from overflowing in our homes, the inside closets tell a different story, so packing dialogue goes something like this – keep it or throw it – and the process just gets a bit longer.

The last group is – It will get done – no worries

Personally, I think I fall into this category. I stress about everything, I try to keep on top of the junk that piles up, but sometimes life just gets too busy, especially regarding kid’s artwork – I’m an epic failure. I have boxes and boxes of art that I just can’t get rid of.

How can a moving company deal with all these personalities and still make it work?

This is the beauty of hiring professional movers – They know what to do, they know the rules, and they know how to help you get yourself organized. You can actually just get the royal treatment and have a moving company come in, pack, move and unpack for you. It will cost you, but for some, it’s well worth it.

For those of us who are on a budget, moving takes another twist. While I’m happy to have someone move my things, I would rather do my own packing – but do I really have to put the paper between my glass dishes? Do I really have to box this stuff up – can’t I use garbage bags for all my clothes? I’ll fold them later. (Guess what – if you actually use wardrobe carriers, it takes away all that extra work) – take them from the closet and hang them on the bar in the wardrobe carrier. This can be done on the morning of the move, so no stressing about what you’re going to wear or picking a couple of outfits just in case you need to change.

We at Sueland Moving will come to your home, plan your move with your budget in mind, and the best way to get to where you need to be. A walkthrough will be set up so we can assess your move, prepare you a custom quote and then you pick and choose what services you want. Click on the get a quote button or call us at 416-738-7947/416-747-9889.

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