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Your First Home Together

It is said that preparing for an upcoming marriage and move are the two most stressful times in your life. Whoever said this, is right!  Whether you are already living together or you’re waiting until after your marriage, there is a natural excitement about purchasing your first home together as a couple.  So, what can you do to lessen the stress of purchasing a new home?

You and your partner should agree on an area that you both feel comfortable living in. Once you have determined the area, find a real estate agent.   The agent will be the best person to advise you on availability within the area you have chosen and if it’s within your budget. .  Real estate agents can also provide you with rentals in the area if you are not ready to buy yet.  Once you have found your ideal home, you can start preparing for your move.

While your agent can help guide you through the fees associated with purchasing your new home, a moving company can create a plan to take the stress from your move. The plan will include move-out details from your respective homes and into a shared living space.  Depending on where you live, you may just surf the internet and type in local moving companies, or some other variation to get a list of movers. While there will be numerous moving companies listed in your search, it is advisable to spend time researching a moving company that meets your expectations.  Professional and qualified movers will have an active CAM membership (Canadian Association of Movers).   Being a member of the BBB – Better Business Bureau – in good standing is another way to ensure that the moving company is stable, honest, and abides by the consumer act.  Finally, reviews, are the ultimate in referrals as they are written by past customers.  While a company may have a couple of bad reviews, the majority should be positive. Once you have found a moving company or two and reviewed the quote(s), decide which company you will use and book it as soon as possible.

The moving industry provides 2 levels of service. The basic move: Where you do all the prep work, and the moving company moves your items from one place to another. The Cadillac move: you let the moving company take care of everything move-related. Lastly, everything in between. You can pick & choose which services you require. Extra services include packing/unpacking, assembly/disassembly, cleaning services, contractor referrals, downsizing advice (storage/disposal), and storage.

Sueland Moving & Storage Inc provides our customers with all the above services within the GTA and beyond.  We are a proud member of the BBB, a member of CAM – in good standing and our reviews show that we excel in providing our customers with a stress-free, customer-approved move. Our motto is “our moves are done with the care we would give to our President’s mother.” If you are looking for a move within the GTA – we will send out our in-house estimator and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.  Let us worry about your move, so you can plan your special day.

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