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Local and Long Distance Moving

What is the difference between Local and Long Distance Moving?  Many moving companies within the Toronto area consider the GTA – local moving and anything beyond that as long-distance moving.  Unless of course, you are going across borders – then they are labeled international moves.   When contacting a moving company, it’s always nice to understand some of the terminologies.  Additionally, the moving company can advise you quickly whether they’re able to accommodate your move.

Local Moving

Ideally, when searching out a local moving company, getting 3 quotes will help you decide which moving company to choose. In order to avoid disappointment, start the process of hiring a reputable moving company as soon as you know you will need their services. Reach out to moving companies that have good reviews and that provide you with written estimates.  Local moving companies are familiar with the areas they serve, so there should be no downtime.

Toronto Local Movers can also include cities just outside the GTA such as Oakville, Georgetown, Ajax, or Oshawa.

Long Distance Moving

Long distance moving can include moves that happen within the province but are outside of the GTA. For example, a move from Toronto to North Bay or Ottawa will take 2 days to complete the move and some moving companies may not be able to provide these types of moves. Additionally, you must take into consideration that you will be responsible for paying a fuel surcharge, accommodations for the night for the movers if the move is more than 5 hours away.

Setting up a budget for your move would help ensure that you have taken all these extra costs into consideration.  Professional moving companies will provide you with the strategies to get your move completed with as little downtime as possible.

International Moves

Moves going from province to province would be like a long-distance move or crossing country borders, such as moves to the USA. While a local moving company in Toronto might be willing to go into Quebec, they may not wish to venture further.  If a move takes more than 2 days, some moving companies may defer that business to an international moving company. International movers have their own strategy on how these types of moves are completed.

Sueland Moving provides Local Moving and Long Distance Moves with professional movers who have been with us for many years. We do not venture into the international type of move, we do perform moves that take us into Quebec, within the Montreal area.   We are a competitive moving company and provide you with many different types of furniture moving services, including packing for your international move.  Check out our website at www.suelandmoving.com

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