Back to school: Top tips for students planning to move

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Back to school: Top tips for students planning to move

With the Covid-19 cases declining and provinces lifting restrictions, in-class learning is soon to resume and back-to-school season is as exciting as before. Following the excitement, there is another task for some students – Moving. Finding Affordable Movers has always been a headache to students with the amount of furniture, books, and all the essential items that need to be moved while taking into consideration the amount of space you have. To relieve that headache, here are our top tips for students who are moving to a new home. Let’s make it a stress-free move.

  1. Know your residential moving budget

The budget has always been the number one concern for students in Canada as some of them depend on OSAP for their tuition and some have part-time jobs to make ends meet. With all the heavy expenditures, it is tough having to spend a lot of money for just Local moving from one place to another. Fixing on a moving budget is very important, which makes things clear whether to depend on friends or hire a moving company. There is a myth that furniture moving companies are generally expensive, but there are a lot of moving companies in Toronto that offer customized quotes, which can fit your budget. Doing a bit of research online would clear the clouds and help you decide on one.

  1. Know what a moving company Toronto offers

When you decide on hiring a residential moving company, it is very important to know what the moving company covers to avoid looking at a bill with additional charges on it. On the other hand, it is important to plan on what items you’re trying to move with the moving company to avoid any confusion in the end. To make things clear, you can approach a moving company with a list of items that you have planned, which gives them a clear idea of what moving furniture and furniture assembly is required, and it helps them generate a customized quote with the best price possible.

  1. Labelling moving boxes

Moving boxes are your savior when it comes to moving a lot of items like textbooks, trophies, and fitness equipment. These boxes are easily available and make the whole residential moving process a lot quicker. One important thing to remember is to label these boxes to avoid confusion once you move to your new home. Imagine moving to your new home and you couldn’t find your toilet paper in that mess. Well, that’ll get you moving.

  1. Dispose or donate your items

While making the Toronto moving Expert’s list, you realize that some of the items are no longer needed for you, and you might be frustrated with what to do with them. Donate them to your neighbor or to any nearby charity, if it is good enough. There might be students like you looking for items they need, which you are ready to donate. Put it up in the Facebook marketplace or Kijiji. If it is of no use,  dispose of furniture in a safe manner.

  1. Use storage spaces

If you have things that are too good to dispose or donate, but you still want them to be moved, make use of private storage spaces in the city. These storage spaces incur charges depending upon the space required for storage.

If none of these furniture moving tips work for you, we have a super tip for you

Super tip: All in One

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