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Office or Residential – Work at the Office or Home

Now that we are seeing the back end of this pandemic, organizations are deciding whether to bring back their staff or keep them working from home. During the pandemic, it was a relief that so many of us could work from our homes. Nooks and crannies, basements, and spare rooms were set up as temporary offices. Some of us moved out to greener spaces and left the GTA where we could buy more space and maybe even a whole room for our office. Whatever you did to create your space, the time is fast approaching for our organizations to decide whether to bring everyone back? Split the time between home/office? Or have staff continue to work from home. Recently there was a broadcast on 640 AM and many of the callers were saying that they didn’t want to go back to the office, at least not on a full-time basis.

Staying at home, having a better handle on running the business, and being able to work from home, equaled more work was being accomplished and perhaps even in a shorter period of time. Meetings take up at least ¼ or more of the (workweek) and let’s face it, zoom meetings are to the point and then you’re off. For the few callers that did want to get back to the office, they cited reasons that they just wanted to be with their colleagues, lunch with other adults, an atmosphere that was more conducive to a work environment. While we may never in our lifetime go through an experience like this again, the one thing that I think we can all agree on is that the wheels of our industries continue to move forward. We did not let this pandemic destroy our businesses or the companies we work for. For those of us, who moved further out of the city, do we come back? Do we spend 4 hours or more traveling to and from our office? Or do we try and convince our company that we can do it from home? Whether you work from home or go back to the office, there are benefits for both sides. They include:

  • Space – you can cut down on office space and use office movers
  • Time off – sick employees, if not bedridden can still be productive while resting at home
  • Meetings – no more having to buy coffee and donuts Employee Benefits; Clothing – you only need to look good on top; nice shirt with pajama pants
  • Time off – no need to lose vacation days when just feeling meh,
  • Traffic jams – the best reason for working from home, no more dealing with traffic

 If you are thinking of having staff work from home, the biggest savings so far is office space. If you are thinking of downsizing your office space or decommissioning your workstations, there is help for you in the way of a versatile company.  Affordable Moving companies can remove unwanted furniture or move it to a smaller office space. Toronto Moving Experts can assist in moving you to a new space, decommissioning your workstations, Office furniture installation, office furniture assembling new workstations, environmentally dispose of furniture items you no longer need, or assist in cleaning up the space you already occupy. If you are an employee who will be working from home, Sueland Moving also has several gently used workstations to help you with creating a workspace that fits your budget and space requirements. Call us at 416-738-7947/416-747-9889 or email us at suelandmoving@hotmail.com

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