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Planning for a Renovation

Home remodelling projects such as updating your basement, bathroom, back yard, kitchen or even the whole house may require you to relocate the items and store them in a safe place. You cannot leave everything unsecured while your house is under renovation. The need to find a safe storage space is seen as an important part of home renovation.

Most of us would not have enough space to store our belongings in our own homes to prepare for a renovation. You might consider placing the items at your friends’ or families house, which is an affordable option, but is it even worth it? Moving heavy furniture, not using proper packaging and the right equipment can result in causing damage to you and your belongings. The recommended option is to hire the professionals.

The idea of hiring a group of movers while remodelling your house may seem like an extra expense, but not doing so can result in causing damage. The paint and dust can ruin your furniture, carpet, rugs and even the floor. The equipment in use by contractors may damage your furniture. Your contractor will require as much space as possible to perform your renovation.

Professional movers are trained and experienced. They are equipped with the proper tools which make it easier for them to move your items and store them safely. It could be stressful in deciding which moving company to choose. When searching for a professional moving and storage company read the companies reviews. Contact a professional moving company to get assistance with the cost estimates for your upcoming renovation project.

At Sueland moving and storage we have over 30 years of experience in performing corporate and residential moves. We provide specialized services in moving, storage, assembly/disassembly of furniture. We take care of your preferences and provide top of the line service and results. Our team follows all the COVID safety protocols and provide great customer service.

Contact us today and let us be a part of the journey in remodelling your house!

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