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The moving industry is changing its face every day. While so many industries and jobs are being replaced by the almighty computer, movers and the moving industry requires the strength of men and women to manually move your items.  While the actual job of moving is still a manual process, there are people out there trying to build or who have already built software programs to assist the moving industry.  While I’m a huge believer in moving things forward as much as you can,  there are simply many industries that can’t take advantage of it. Let see if someone can program a robot to figure out what items need to be moved? Can they manage areas where the items were already in an area and can’t get out without tearing the walls out or possibly cutting up your box spring to get it through a super small corner in your home?  I know I’ve personally felt frustrated enough to want to take a saw to a good piece of furniture that I couldn’t get past an area. 

This is where professional movers come in. They know how to do what I feel is almost impossible. Put a square into a round hole but on a much larger scale.

So how does this process start? I can tell you that after the initial phone call, or a quote page when you tell the administrator or the system when you want to move and what you’re moving – outcomes a rate.  While some companies may be able to provide you with a quote right away,  it may not be an accurate one.  The idea of someone coming through your home to assess the logistics of your move is entirely cave-like to some, but I believe that you will not be accurately quoted without it. 

Let me explain, if you call and tell the clerk you have to move a 1 bedroom, you have a bed, couch, table with 4 chairs and a tv and maybe 3 bags of clothes – the clerk or system will only quote you on what you advise or put into it. Computer software cannot think in the abstract – meaning – it can be programmed to ask you about other items, but let’s face it, we are all so busy, who wants to have a one-sided conversation with a program.  At this point you will be quoted for the items you tell the computer – hence experience tells us that there is always more. 

Explaining to someone all the items you have, well let’s face it, I would really have to think about it, but I have at least another 20 other items that I didn’t even really think of.  In this case, having someone come to your home, perform a walkthrough – they can see what you have, they can check smaller hallways where there could be issues getting items around, they can see that your 1 dresser is antique wood, and it weighs over 100lbs and an estimator can also tell you what you need to do to get move-ready.  Packing instructions if you’re doing it yourself. The benefits far outweigh the inconvenience of letting a moving estimator come to your home.

We at Sueland Moving and Storage Inc. are proud of our moving track record. We were a pioneer of the physical walk-through that gives you tips and tricks of performing your move and also providing you with an estimate that is more accurate or just under the actual cost you were provided with. Contact Sueland Moving to set up a walk-through for your upcoming move. Our phone number(s) are: 416-738-7942 or 416-747-9889 or email

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