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PODS – A great temporary solution!

Life has become so busy, and it seems that we are finding ourselves with no time to spare. When trying to sell your home, there are so many things to do in preparing your home for resale. You might need to paint, clean carpets, buy flowers, and all-important, cook an apple pie on open house day to illicit a home feel and smell. Besides, giving potential buyers a taste of your home cooking is a nice and friendly touch. What about staging your home? What to do with the extra furniture or personal items that might make your home too homey – you may want to find a place to put them away while potential buyers are coming in and viewing your home.

I try to envision how does the moving industry evolves and what part can we play to move into this new better, faster world that we currently live in.  I noticed that pods seem to be a great tool for the person who is moving and wants to stage their home, creating a temporary area to place your items without storing everything in a garage and worrying that your items could get dirty, or animals might make a home in your furniture is ideal. These pods are delivered to your home, you fill them up and they get picked up and moved to a lot or you can keep them in your driveway, so you are able to get to whatever you have stored in there whenever you need it.

Who moves the items into the Pods? Well, the easy answer is you! You are responsible for moving the items into this pod.  This gives you a chance to save a few dollars by doing the work yourself, although your items could get damaged, or the temperature fluctuates and your wood items warp.  I can give you a list of reasons why you wouldn’t want your belongings in a pod for very long, but they are a great tool for the short and limited duration of selling your home.  I wouldn’t recommend it for the long term.

Using Professional movers and having them help with storing your items in a pod would be well worth the money. Your items can be prepared and stored in a way that they are protected, and professional movers are very capable of utilizing the space to the max. In addition, they are responsible, qualified and take away the added stress of doing it yourself.

Sueland Moving & Storage Inc. will provide you with moving services, who will assist as Toronto movers with Moving Services Toronto to load your items into your pod. Sueland is a Residential Moving Company listed as one of the Best Movers in Toronto. As Residential Movers in Toronto, we will also help with Furniture Disposal, Furniture Assembly, Outdoor Furniture Assembly and Unpacking Services

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