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Planning a move during the holiday season!

We have put together some tips to help improve your moving experience during the holiday season. As soon as you know when and where you’re moving, find a moving company and book your date. There are thousands of moving companies within the GTA, but you want to choose a company with a proven track record. The facilitator at the moving company can assist you with setting up estimate walkthroughs, engaging in any number of services that moving companies provide, including packing services. This is a great way to take the stress away from you while you manage your day-to-day life and not have to worry about packing.

Moving during the holiday season can be a stressful time for even the seasoned mover. While your friends and family are planning on how to decorate the Christmas tree or whose holiday party to attend, you will be figuring out how to have a hassle-free move during the holidays. The key is to be organized and prepared.

On a budget? A fun way to see friends and family over the holiday season is by hosting a packing party. While spending time with your loved ones, you can also get some of your packing done at the same time. This is both economical and allows you to enjoy and reminisce over some of the household items that you may have received from these same friends and family.

Make sure to have plenty of boxes, colored markers,  and tape. Determine which items are not going with you and start purging, allowing friends and family a chance to rehome some of your items that still have a lot of life left to them and dispose of the rest. The most important part of packing is the labeling. Knowing where and what is inside your box will help you greatly once you are in your new home. Distribute the weight in the box, meaning smaller boxes for heavier items and bigger boxes for lighter items. Don’t forget to add filler so your boxes are tightly packed. This will prevent them from being shifted around while moving.

If you plan on moving before the holiday season starts, then save your decorating until you get to your new home. It will help make everything more festive especially if you have children. Wait on putting up your tree until you have moved. This is something your children can help with while you’re putting your items away.

If your move is happening after the holiday season, decorate your home especially if you have children so they can have memories of their last holiday celebration in possibly what might be the only home they have ever known.

While packing boxes, make sure the essentials are packed last and are easy to find while moving.

If Santa is bringing you a new TV set or bedroom furniture, let him deliver it to your new home. Estimates are created and delivered with what is currently in your home at the time of your walkthrough. Adding more items to your move can affect your quoted price.

On the day of your move, please make sure that if there’s snow,  that you have cleared the snow and salted the area where the movers will be working to prevent unnecessary injuries.

Sueland Moving & Storage Inc. is a professional moving company serving the GTA and beyond. We are equipped with professional movers/assemblers, packing materials, insurance, and WSIB. We are a family company, and we understand the need of moving families with little to no stress so that you can enjoy your family and your new home feeling confident that your items are safe with us.  Call us at 416-738-7947 or go to our website www.suelandmoving.com

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