Flat Pack Furniture 101: Everything You Need to Know

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Flat Pack Furniture 101: Everything You Need to Know

If you are thinking about buying new furniture, flat pack furniture is a popular choice with many people, largely thanks to IKEA over solid piece furniture. It is affordable, customizable, and comes in a wide array of pieces, textures, and colours.

Ready to learn more about flat pack furniture and if it is the right choice for you? Check out these frequently asked questions and answer to learn more now.

Q. Is Ready-to-Assemble and Flat Pack Furniture the Same Thing?

A. Yes, flat pack furniture is sometimes called ready-to-assemble since it is delivered in flat packed cartons and must be put together before you can use it.

Q. How Difficult Is It to Assemble Flat Pack Furniture?

A. It depends on the furniture piece. Simple pieces, like a bar stool, can be very easy to assemble. On the other hand, a wardrobe can have a lot of pieces and requires more skill to assemble correctly.

Q. Do I Need Any Tools to Assemble Flat Pack Furniture?

A. It will depend on the piece and manufacturer. Most manufacturers will include “special” tools needed with certain hardware parts like a ‘star” wrench. However, all other tools needed like screwdrivers, hammer, etc. you provide yourself.

Q. How Difficult Is It to Read Flat Pack Furniture Assembly Instructions?

A. Again, it depends on the manufacturer and piece you are putting together. Some assembly instructions are very easy to read and understand. Other instructions can be more difficult as they may lack images showing what to do or not have any text and just images.

Q. What Is Flat Pack Furniture Made From?

A. Some furniture pieces are made from solid wood. Others can be made from particleboard or pressboard. Some pieces are made from medium density fiberboard. You will also have pieces that use a combination of different materials like solid wood and particleboard. Plastic parts and components are also common with some types of flat pack furniture.

Q. Are There Any Benefits of Hiring Flat Pack Furniture Assemblers?

A . If you get easily frustrated when putting together ready-to-assemble furniture, don’t have the proper tools, or simply do not feel like doing the work, hiring flat pack furniture assemblers is a great idea. Doing so provides you with the following benefits:

  • Assemblers have all the tools needed to put together one or hundreds of furniture pieces.
  • Assemblers know how to decipher assembly instructions that seem like gibberish to you.
  • The assembled piece will look the same as the picture on the box.
  • Assemblers will move and place the finished furniture piece in the desired location.
  • If necessary, assemblers will attach anti-topple and safety anchors, like on bookshelves and entertainment centers.
  • Assemblers can pick up your flat pack furniture and deliver it to your home or office too!

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