6 Easy Steps to Safely Unpack Fragile and Delicate Items After Your Move

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6 Easy Steps to Safely Unpack Fragile and Delicate Items After Your Move

Before your move, you took the time to carefully pack fragile and delicate items using various packing materials like padding and bubble wrap. During the moving process, items could have shifted and moved slighting inside the boxes. Now that you are moved into your new home and everything needs to be unpacked, you will want to be careful when unpacking these items.

The first thing you will want to do is make sure all of your moving boxes have been sorted and are in the room where you want to unpack them. If not, do this now. It will save time since you won’t have to move items individually from one room to another as you unpack.

Additionally, make sure you will be able to put away fragile and delicate items where they go. If you need to do something else to prepare the location where these items will go, like wiping out kitchen cupboards before unpacking drinking glasses, then take care of that task first.

Once you are ready to unpack your fragile and delicate items, follow these easy unpacking steps.

Step 1: Place the box on a towel, blanket, or furniture pad. You want some sort of padding around the box as a precaution in case you accidentally drop an item while unpacking.

Step 2: Open the box carefully. If you are using scissors or a box cutter to slice through the packing tape, don’t push it into the box. Verify you have cut the tape down the center seam and sides of the top so the box is easy to open.

Step 3: Remove any excess padding. If you used extra padding on top, remove that and set it aside. You can take an empty moving box and fill it with the padding and recycle it later.

Step 4: Remove items from the box one at a time. Keep your unpacking area neat and clutter-free. It can be tempting to just take everything out of the box at once, but this can lead to accidents.

Step 5: Carefully remove bubble wrap. Take the bubble wrap off the item. Place the bubble wrap into an empty moving box. Inspect the item for damages. If you discover damages and purchased moving insurance, take a picture to use to file a claim later.

Step 6: Put the item away where it belongs. Take the item and put it in the cupboard, display case, bookshelf, or wherever it goes.

Now repeat the process until each item is unpacked and put away. Then move onto the next box. To make the unpacking of fragile and delicate items go faster, have someone unpack the items and then hand them to you to put away.

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