Why Hire a Professional Furniture Assembler?

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Why Hire a Professional Furniture Assembler?

Whether you are purchasing new desks for your employees or are setting up a new office at home, putting furniture together can be a real pain. You may get so frustrated you’ll want to toss the desk out of the window! The instructions have strange symbols and the parts don’t seem to match up. You find parts are missing and the finished desk will look nothing like the one on the box.

We promise, there is still hope by calling a professional furniture assembler. Furniture assemblers are experts at deciphering the “foreign language” of assembly instructions. They know how to match the right parts and pieces together so your finished desk will look just like the one on the box.

What Is the Most Common Furniture People Need Help With?

Bed frames and beds are one of the most common pieces of furniture people struggle with putting together on their own. The popular and trendy wooden bed frames with slats in the bottom in place of box springs can seem difficult to assemble on your own.

Some of the most common calls for a professional assembler are requests to help assemble anything from IKEA. IKEA has a lot of great furniture pieces, but it all comes in several boxes. From wardrobe systems and walk-in closets to home entertainment systems, IKEA furniture is another specialty for professional furniture assemblers.

What Other Items Can Professional Assemblers Put Together?

Basically, all types of household furniture like dressers, end tables, kitchen cabinets, and more. They can also take care of any TV mounting you want done to free up space on TV stands.

Aside from residential home furniture assembly, professional assemblers also put together a wide array of commercial and office furniture including:

  • Cubicles
  • Office Desks
  • Mounted White Boards
  • Chairs
  • Conference Tables
  • Filing Cabinets

What If I Need Furniture Taken Apart, Moved, and Put Back Together?

It will depend on the furniture assembly services available from the assembler. Some assemblers, like us, offer full-service options and are happy to take apart furniture, move it to a new location in the home or office, or even to a new address, and put it back together.

How Can I Get an Accurate Quote for Furniture Assembly Services?

The best thing to do is keep track of the furniture product numbers and make a list of each one. Give these product numbers to your furniture assembler when requesting a quote so they can use them to find out what pieces you have and how complex the assembly will be. If you don’t have product numbers, make a list of what the furniture piece is and its assembled dimensions.

To request a free quote for residential home or commercial furniture assembly services in the Greater Toronto Area, please feel free to contact Sueland Furniture Assembly at (647) 689-6047 today! Our assembly services also include TV mounting, wall hanging, and outdoor equipment, with optional furniture delivery service.

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