Residential Home Furniture Assemble Made Easy with These 5 Benefits

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Residential Home Furniture Assemble Made Easy with These 5 Benefits

If your New Year’s resolution for 2020 was to replace your furniture with modern, trendy, and stylish furniture, you need to remember that many pieces do require assembly. Whether you go to IKEA and select all new furniture for your home, visit a furniture showroom, or shop online, your furniture will come in multiple boxes.

If you dread having to spend countless hours sorting boxes, sorting parts, and making sure you have the right tools and manpower to put your new furniture together, then you would benefit from professional residential home furniture assembly services. Whether you have a few pieces to put together or 20, using a professional furniture assembler offers you many benefits including:

Benefit #1: You don’t have to have any tools.

You don’t have to worry about having the right screwdrivers, hammers, levels, Allen wrenches, star tips, drill bits, and so on. You also don’t need a ladder to secure entertainment systems, bookshelves, and other such furniture to the wall. Your furniture assembler arrives with all the tools needed to put together your new furniture.

Benefit #2: You don’t have to try to find someone to help you.

Most furniture pieces require a second person to help with holding pieces, lifting pieces, and moving the finished furniture into the desired location. Your furniture assembler will have at least one other person with them to help put together your new furniture.

Benefit #3: You avoid making any mistakes.

Have you ever started to put a piece of furniture together, got halfway through, and then realized that you used the wrong pieces or hardware? Then you had to try to take it apart and start all over. Another common mistake is when you need to mount TVs to the wall or secure larger furniture pieces to the wall. How many holes did you drill into drywall trying to find the joists? Using a professional assembler helps avoid these and other such mistakes.

Benefit #4: You don’t need to rent a truck to get your furniture home.

If you purchased your furniture from IKEA or another store that doesn’t offer delivery service, you can have your home furniture assembler pick up your furniture and deliver it to your home too. You can add this option when scheduling the assembly of your furniture.

Benefit #5: You don’t have to worry about hurting your back or other injuries.

Have you ever hit your thumb with a hammer? How about pulling a muscle in your back when lifting a heavy piece of furniture? By hiring a professional furniture assembler, they take care of all the back-breaking labour while you get to sit, relax, and wait as your new furniture is put together.

To learn more about professional residential home furniture assembly services in the Greater Toronto Area, please feel free to contact Sueland Furniture Assembly at (647) 689-6047 today! Our assembly services include residential, commercial, TV mounting, wall hanging, and outdoor equipment, with optional delivery.

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