What is an Administration Fee or Travel Fee?

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What is an Administration Fee or Travel Fee?

Travel Time or Administration Fees are a moving companies standard charge, that helps pay the costs associated with your move.  Travel time is used to ensure that the trucks are loaded with moving equipment required for your move, the time it takes to get to your home and back to the shop again, taking into account the removal and sanitizing of equipment, garbage, cleanup, gas and ensuring the truck is mechanically ready to roll again the next day.  

Administration fees are another fee that some moving companies use to pay for the office facilitating your move.

Extra fees can also be charged for stairs, driveways not cleared of snow, disassembling and reassembling items, mattress protectors, boxes or bubble/shrink wrap.  It’s advisable to check with your moving company to ensure you know where extra charges may come into play and prepare for these extra charges.

Whatever fee your moving company charges, this should be communicated to you when you’re booking your move. Professional movers will try to ensure that they have priced your move based on a worst-case scenario so that your estimate should be uniquely geared to your personal move.

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