Common Mistakes People Make When Moving

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Common Mistakes People Make When Moving

Moving is a stressful time and there are certain elements that you may overlook during the moving process.  It can be overwhelming to plan, hire, pack & move. This is where professional movers can help you navigate the process with their expertise and take the stress away from moving.  Here are some common mistakes that are made that you should try to avoid.

Hire Professional Movers vs. Unknown Moving Company:

Make sure you do your research when hiring a moving company. When researching online, be sure to check out their reviews so that you can learn about their services through previous customers. Another good sign is to check out their website and see if they are accredited with Canadian Mover’s Association and Better Business Bureau.  Being accredited provides a trust factor which is key when hiring movers.

Price vs. Quality of Service

We all want to get the best price possible but sometimes going with the cheapest company doesn’t guarantee professional services. It may be wiser to pay a little more to have quality service vs paying a lower price and having your items damaged during the moving process. It’s good to get a couple of quotes to compare but when choosing the company, don’t let the price be a deciding factor. Consider all aspects of services being offered before signing the contract.

Preparation & Packing

Prepare in advance by starting to pack early. This will allow time to purge any unnecessary items that you may not need. Also, when packing valuables, be sure to wrap and protect them prior to placing them in boxes. Talk to your moving company about the box sizes that you would need. This helps with loading and finishing your move faster. When packing boxes, be sure not to overpack. Movers should be able to lift the box so be mindful of the weight. Also, be sure to pack the box to the top, if you need to place some packing paper or a towel to level the box, this will help to avoid damages when stacking the boxes in the truck.

There are many elements involved in moving and it helps when you have a professional moving company to guide you throughout the process. If you plan your move ahead of time, it will save you time and money on the day of the move. For more information, contact us at Sueland Moving and we will be happy to share our knowledge and get you to move ready.

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