Tips for Dealing with a Rainy Day Move

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Tips for Dealing with a Rainy Day Move

Unfortunately when it comes to moving, we cannot control the weather. Sure, we would all love to have a pleasant moving day with no inclement weather. However, Mother Nature does not always cooperate with us. When the weather is less than favorable and raining, it can create its own unique challenges.

Let’s take a look at some rainy day moving tips to help ensure you moving day can still be completed. Whether you have schedule an office move or residential move with our moving company in Toronto you should:

  1. Monitor the Weather

Keep an eye on the weather reports leading up to your moving day. While weather reports are not always accurate, they can help you gauge the likelihood of rain on your moving day. You could always try to reschedule if it is going to be a major “washout.” However, just make sure your moving company has the flexibility to do so.

  1. Wrap Boxes and Furniture in Plastic Wrap

Professional movers should have access to plastic wrap. You can inquire ahead of time so you can have everything wrapped and ready to go on moving day. For smaller boxes and items, plastic trash bags also work well to keep thing dry.

  1. Set Up a Staging Area

At your new home or office set up a staging area. The staging area is where you will want to remove the plastic wrap or take items out of plastic trash bags. You can also use the staging area to towel dry any items you did not wrap before moving them to their desired locations.

  1. Use Covered Areas to Your Advantage

If your home or office has an attached, covered parking structure, take advantage of it for your move. You could also use your garage if you have one to make moving a bit easier on rainy days.

  1. Take Advantage of Breaks in the Weather

Whenever the rain lets up or stops, move furniture, electronics, and other large items. Otherwise, just make sure they are protected from the water.

  1. Request Extra Movers

Moving in the rain can slow down the moving processes. It can take longer to get everything moved. Check with your mover the day before if they can send extra movers to help. Keep in mind there can be an added cost for the additional help.

Moving in the rain does make it more difficult. However, by using these tips you can still have a successful and enjoyable move. For more moving tips or to request a quote for moving in Toronto and the GTA, please feel free to contact Sueland Moving & Storage, Inc. at 416-747-9889 today!

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