Benefits Of Hiring A Furniture Assembler When You Move

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Benefits Of Hiring A Furniture Assembler When You Move

Moving is a tedious process of itself. You have to get moving supplies, inventory your home, and pack up each room. Then you are left deciding what to do with your flatpack furniture and other types of furniture.

Do you leave it together? Do you take it apart? How does it need to be packed and prepared for your move?

The first benefit of hiring a furniture assembler is they will be able to answer these questions and others just like it. They can help you decide which furniture pieces should be taken apart for easier moving. They can also help you determine when to not take apart furniture and move it “as-is,” like a Baby Grand Piano.

Thanks to their expertise, they will carefully bag and label all hardware so that you will know what piece it goes to when it comes time to put it back together.

The second benefit you gain is access to skilled furniture assemblers. They have put together a wide range of different types of furniture pieces including bed frames, desks, dining room tables, dining room chairs, sleeper sofas, bookshelves, home entertainment centers, and much more.

The third benefit is you do not have to remember how to put your furniture back together after it is moved. You simply schedule your furniture assembler to come to your new home and put together everything they took apart at your old home.

You could even schedule them, so they arrive shortly after your moving truck has been unloaded. This way all your larger furniture pieces will be put back together and placed in furniture disassembly the rooms where they belong in your new home.

This leads to our fourth benefit – using a professional furniture assembler helps get you settled into your new home much faster. You can concentrate on unpacking your dishes, clothing, and other essentials while leaving the furniture assembly to an expert.

The fifth benefit of hiring a furniture assembler is you do not have to own any tools. Your assembler has access to a wide range of tools to disassemble and reassemble your furniture. They even have those special “star” or “hex” shaped tools to remove “star” or “hex” shaped bolts used on some furniture pieces.

The sixth benefit is you will not get frustrated, stressed, or irritated that your furniture won’t come apart or you cannot get it back together. Your assembler will provide a stress-free and frustration-free experience.

Of course, there is the time-savings benefit you gain since you don’t have to worry about the time needed to take apart and put your furniture back together. With all that extra free time, you will have plenty of time to pack and prepare for your move, as well as unpack after arriving at your new home.

For further assistance with furniture disassembly to prepare for a move and reassembly after moving, please feel free to contact Sueland Furniture Assembly at 647-689-6047 today! We offer residential and commercial furniture assembly services in the Greater Toronto Area.

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