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We have all heard the horror stories of unscrupulous moving companies scamming customers by friends, family, and the media, but cannot believe that this can happen and not to ourselves. Or could it?

Even the best laid out plans sometimes go awry. We think we have done our due diligence and suddenly find ourselves feeling helpless and anxious. That is only one part of it. It’s not always that the mover will overcharge you. In life things happen and we have to deal with the unexpected and do our best to get through it.  

So, what do you do if your moving truck breaks down or they break your precious glass bowl?  Not because they were purposely negligent, but accidents can and do happen.  We see these blogs that provide us with tips on picking the best mover or what to ask them for, but what if you are desperate or need a mover right away and can’t find one.   Sometimes it has nothing to do with the furniture moving company you have chosen.  What if you were having renovations in your home and they’re not complete, or you were supposed to get the keys at 2 pm and you didn’t get them until after 6 pm? Maybe you’re going to your new apartment and the previous tenants are still there and it doesn’t look like they’re going to be out of there for at least another 4 hours? There are several things that can go wrong and while in 20 years you might laugh about it, the situation is far from funny.  

There are no sure-fire ways of protecting yourself from life’s quirks, but we can prevent or prepare ourselves in the event things do go wrong .

Getting Scammed by Toronto Movers

You called around to find Professional Movers Toronto and all of them were estimating your move to cost $1200.00 but you found very Affordable Movers Toronto who said they would do it for $600.00,  so you booked it on the spot.  After patting yourself on the back for your cost savings, you decide to treat yourself to some new lamps that you have been eying for the last 6 months.  Moving day arrives, the men come in and they are so nice, helpful, and friendly. Finally, all your items are loaded onto the truck, they have everything you own, even those 2 new lamps. You get to your new place and they are sitting outside the door and tell you before unloading your items you owe them triple of what you were quoted.   You are floored because you did not see this coming.  Unfortunately, there is not much you can do except pay them.  You may be able to fight or sue them after the fact, but right now you need your stuff and your movers have exploited that scenario to get your money.

Moving is one of the most stressful events in your life.  Make sure you carefully plan it out and get a written estimate. Research Furniture Moving companies as soon as you know you are moving, ask questions,  and always check their reviews. Moving companies, whether located within Toronto, Etobicoke, Scarborough, or beyond should have memberships in good standing with  BBB – The Better Business Bureau and/or CAM Canadian Association of Movers.

When your Affordable Movers Toronto does not show up-

You have been planning for this day for weeks now and you are ready to go, your Residential Moving Company tells you they will be there by 9:00 am and at 10:00 am they’re still not there.  You call the office – no answer, you keep calling and finally they tell you the Toronto Movers will be there in an hour. Although you are feeling upset about this, you are relieved that they are still coming. An hour later the Local Movers Toronto has not arrived, and the stress starts up again.  When you do finally reach someone from the moving company Toronto, you are so overwhelmed and stressed out and they tell you they don’t know when they will get there, citing the truck broke down, they are stuck at another move, or any number of excuses.

Before booking your move check out the reviews of the Furniture moving companies. It is also worth noting that you should have an estimate or contract with your Moving Services Toronto company so that the details of your move are clearly communicated to you. 

What if one of your items gets broken? 

Unfortunately, accidents can happen and although your mover tries to ensure that your items with Furniture Installation Toronto are moved in without an issue,  make sure your Toronto Movers have insurance. While they may not be able to replace that exact item,  they can try to fix it themselves or the insurance will cover you at a rate of $.60 cents per pound.  You can also purchase extra insurance for that extra bit of security.

What if Best Movers in Toronto gets hurt on your moving job? 

It is important to check and confirm that your moving company Toronto has insurance and WSIB – if not, you could find yourself being sued by one of your Toronto movers if they have an accident at your premises.  

What happens if the truck breaks down?

While every moving company in Toronto tries to ensure their trucks are well maintained, this is out of anyone’s control. However, you want to ensure that your Toronto Moving Experts have a backup plan in the event this does occur.   

What happens if the house/apartment is not ready on your move date? Or the occupant is still in your new home when you get there? 

For Apartment Moving Services, when you are renting an apartment, and the previous occupant is leaving just before you are moving in – they legally have until 11:59 pm to get out on the final day of their specific monthly schedule.  For house moves, closing must be completed by 5:00 pm as the transfer has to be completed prior to the close of business for the land transfer office – however you may not be able to get the keys from your lawyer until much later than that,  therefore your move in time may be delayed.

Hopefully, you do not find yourself in this position but unless you are sure you will gain access at a certain time – especially with house closings, it is always advisable to make sure that you have what you need to get through the night and do your move over 2 days – the first day loading the truck and the 2nd day moving into your new home. Or you could be paying your Toronto Moving Experts for the hours and possibly overtime rates while they are waiting to unload your items into your new home or waiting on the previous occupant to get out of the house.  

What happens when important papers are lost in moving?  

If it went on the moving truck, it will be in your new home somewhere.  Avoiding this issue would be to ensure that you label all your boxes.  In addition, if there are specific items other than money or jewellery that you need and cannot live without – take them with you.  This way you know where they are always.  

At Sueland Moving & Storage Inc. We are a professional moving company, insured, WSIB and we stand by our pledge that there are no hidden fees or surprises.  You will get a written estimate, where you agree to the pricing, terms & conditions. Check out our reviews. We treat our customers like family.  

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