8 Tips for Moving When the Weather Doesn’t Cooperate

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8 Tips for Moving When the Weather Doesn’t Cooperate

We all hope our moving day will have decent weather with sunny skies. However, that does not always happen. Your move will typically still need to happen even if it rains, sleets, or snows. While you hope for perfect weather, there are several things you can do should the weather decide not to cooperate.

Tip #1: Watch the weather forecasts.

Weather forecasts are constantly changing day-to-day. Keep an eye on weather reports so you know what to expect on your moving day. This way, you aren’t surprised when it rains, sleets, or snows.

Tip #2: Use your garage or another covered area to load and unload the truck.

Your mover should be able to back up the moving truck close to your garage. This will make it easier to get boxes, furniture, and other items onto and off the truck with limited exposure to the elements.

Tip #3: Use tarps to cover items as they are loaded and unloaded.

If you don’t have a garage or covered area to use, use tarps to cover items and protect them from the elements. Contact your mover in Toronto ahead of time to see if they can supply tarps. If not, and the weather looks like it will be unfavourable, go buy some the night before you move. If you don’t need them, you can return them later as long as you don’t open them.

Tip #4: Allow extra time for your move.

Your movers will need to move boxes and other items into a staging area first, then onto the truck. Once they get to your new home, the process will be reversed. This is done to help avoid tracking water, dirt, snow, and mud throughout your current and new homes.

Tip #5: Place tarps over hardwood flooring and carpeting.

You want to protect hardwood floors and carpeting as much as possible. By laying tarps down in the staging area inside the home, you can control the amount of water being tracked into and out of the home and prevent it from getting onto the floor or soaking into carpeting.

Tip #6: Be aware of deteriorating road conditions.

If road conditions deteriorate, your movers may not be able to finish the move until conditions improve. Turn on a radio and put it on a radio station that provides regular weather and road condition updates.

Tip #7: Be prepared to reschedule your move.

If it starts heavily snowing the night before your move and piles up quickly, you may have to reschedule your move. Talk to your mover ahead of time to have an alternative date in place.

Tip #8: Take a deep breath and “go with the flow.”

If things don’t go as planned, there is no sense to get overworked and stressed about it. Your move will still happen when it is safe to do so.

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