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Dwayne Permaul

As the eldest son of Suzana & Leyland Permaul, Dwayne started working for the company in his early teens. While delivering exceptional customer service, he ensures the crew members are motivated and committed to delivering the best experience. His infectious attitude and natural leadership is a great asset for the future of the company.

Lukas Permaul

As the youngest son of the Permaul’s, Lukas started working part-time for the company in his early teens. He embodies the culture of Sueland by delivering high standards and ensuring projects are completed in a timely manner. With the colgate smile he calms and balances any unforeseen circumstances.

Ragina Sivarajah

As part of the upper management team, Ragina excels in providing great customer service from the initial contact to the completion of the job. Handling the day to day office functions, while ensuring the smooth logistical operations, she thrives in pressure situations with a positive attitude. Dressed for success with her high heels and confident personality, no issue is too big for her!

Sheila Zabel

Sheila is the company's jack-of-all-trades person. Whatever it is, she'll figure out a way to make the moving experience as easy and stress free as possible. Whether that's helping a customer pick from an elite package, or meeting the specific needs, she has it covered. Her commitment and loyalty to Sueland is unwavering and is a great asset.

Shubreet Khatra

Shubreet has recently joined the team and has become an integral part of the administration. She brings with her a wealth of IT expertise, and office organization. Her main focus is administering the warehouse, storage and flatpack customers inventory, while jumping in where needed. Her calm, cool and collective attitude sets the mood for any situation.

Jessie Gill

Jessie is one of the pioneer supervisors of the team. He is an all-arounder with expertise in assembly. There is no item that is too complicated for him to figure out and he has a “get it done” mentality. His personal charm oozes on the customers and his sense of humor lightens the atmosphere. He is known as the happy emoji of Sueland.

Ed Tun

Ed’s hands-off-approach in his leadership style has helped other team members fine tune their skills. As a project supervisor, he delivers results in a timely manner with the appreciation from the clients. He is often requested by favorite clients for his demeanor and driven approach. We can always count on him for his consistency and exceptional service.

Alex Tun

Alex has a quiet leadership style that is very effective in stressful situations. He is reliable and efficient with all the tasks that are given to him with his expertise in both moving and assembling. His methodical and technical approach is reassuring when dealing with pressure situations. Always willing to learn while applying his current knowledge has helped other team members along the way.

Dolland Charles

As our senior driver who is responsible for ensuring transport and logistics for all jobs, he displays tenacity and endurance with a positive attitude. Regardless of the conditions and environment, his methodical approach delivers exceptional service. His punctuality and reliability are paramount to the success of Sueland Moving.

Joyal Maxwell

Joyal is an integral part of the Sueland team with his fast-learning mentality. He is known as Mr. “Speedy Gonzales” because of the speed and time he takes to complete tasks. He has a personable attitude with a helping nature which delivers unbeatable service. Just like his name, he brings joy and happiness regardless of the environment!

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